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Recreational Classes:


Tuition is 50.00 dollars a month for 1 class a week, 90.00 for 2 classes & 110.00 for 3 classes. Family discount includes $5 off per month for 2nd and 3rd child in a family. 

Tuition is due by the 10th of each month. There will be a late fee of $10 if paid after this date unless arrangements have been made. Registration fee is $15 for returning students and $20 for all new students. $30 for families. 

Registration Info:


All practices are very important. Students should be to every practice. We are aware that life is busy, so if your daughter must miss practice please let me know in advance, and do not miss for flimsy excuses such as: going shopping, being too tired etc. Dancing is a class effort. When one person misses practice, class time is not as productive for the rest of the students. 

Practice Attire:

All dancers need to have their hair in a bun or a ponytail.

All students need to wear the proper dance clothes for practice.

  • 3-5 years: black leotard, pink tights, black or pink leather ballet shoes.

  • 6-8 years: black leotard with hot shorts and foot undezz. 

  • 9-18 years: hot shorts and a fitted dance top, foot undezz. 

All students taking ballet class will need a black leotard, pink tights and pink canvas ballet shoes. You may purchase these items at the studio store throughout the year beginning in September. 

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