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About mUvmethod

Based on yoga, pilates and fascial health, mUvmethod is a mind body movement system that lengthens and strengthens dancers unlike any other conditioning program out there. It has evolved over two decades of working with, observing, and understanding how the body and mind of a dancer really works. At mUvmethod we extend beyond the muscular system and place great emphasis on the fascial system.  This supports fluid movement, joint health, increased strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, posture and mobility (especially in the hips).  This movement system offers dancers a much needed break from the stress, strain and tension that high level training and repetitive movements have on the body.  Dancers are left with a new found ability to meet the technically challenging aspects of dance with ease, free from pain and injury.

The benefits of mUvmethod for Dancers are not only physical.  mUv classes are designed to take the dancers through stages of mental and emotional growth. The results are increased confidence, resilience, self acceptance and expression, passion and creativity.  Avoiding comparison and competition, we create an environment where all are finding inspiration, experiencing success and moving closer to the truest version of themselves.

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