2021-22 COMPANY



Thank you for auditioning at Hi-Light Dance Academy. We are overwhelmed and humbled by the amount of support

and interest we had at auditions last week. Because of this, Hi-Light Dance no longer can place all students that audition

on company. We hope that you can understand. There are several areas that are

taken into consideration when placing students on specific companies:


• Talent/skill level/technique

• Flexibility

• Performance

• Attendance

• Work ethic/attitude

• Commitment throughout the year.


Companies are not based on:

• Friends

• Being challenged

• Carpools

• Conflicting schedules

All Dancers placed on a company will be challenged!! The progress of each student will depend on their own work ethic and mind set. Please be positive and encouraging with your student if they are disappointed with their placement.

The Company directors, along with a panel of judges, have spent many hours on each individual student. Taking time for

call-backs and watching video’s of these dancers to make sure each students ability is valued, and that they are placed

on the appropriate teams. We hope that those that were not placed on a company will consider one or two of our recreation classes and/or optional classes that are offered throughout the year.


Please understand that the level of dance skill increases with the number of dedicated hours spent in dance. It is very

difficult to be placed on a company team after the age of 10 if dance hours have only been 1 or 2 hours a week. If you have any questions please contact

autumn.nelsen@gmail.com, abbey.halsey@gmail.com

We are excited for another amazing year at Hi-Light! We appreciate your support!


*****Summer Classes will begin June 1- 28th (No weekly Dance in July)

Due to conflicting choreography schedule in August we will be

doing the 2 intensives. July 26th-29th, and/or August 2nd -5th.

All company dancers must attend at least one week of intensive.


Fall Classes will begin Sept. 7th-May 30th.

Tuition: 2 hours 95.00

3 hours 110.00

4 hours 130.00

5 hours 150.00

6 hours 170.00

7 hours 190.00

8 hours 210.00 Tuition is due by June 10th.

Senior Premier (Red)


Nicole Beus

Kelsie Brown

Kaitlyn Carroll

Kenason Eastman

Anja Hansen

Paige Hanson 

Addy Pace

Cate Spencer

Annie White

Maison Greening (Ballet Only)


Monday 8:00am(Ballet) 9:15(Jazz) 

Tuesday 11:00am(Technique) 12:00pm(Ballet)

Wednesday 8:00am(Ballet) 9:00am(Jazz) 10:00am(Combo)

Senior Premier(Grey)


Cassidy Hall

Lindsay Hauser

Hailey Heiner

Sophie Lewis

Ava Martin

Jessica Neeleman

Kate Nelson

Emma Paskett

Nataleigh Rasmussen

Lily Shin

Katie Telles(Ballet Only)


Monday 8:00am(Ballet) 9:15(Jazz) 

Tuesday 10:00am(Ballet) 11:00am(Technique) 

Wednesday 8:00am(Jazz) 9:00am(Ballet) 10:00am(Combo)

Senior Elite


Cate Allen

Reece Brinkerhoff

Elise Edwards

Serena Hilton

Will Isaacson

Brook Lund

Brooklyn Lovelady

Elin Oldroyd

Tova Peay

Maya Perdue 

Brooklyn Reeve

Pressly Spanos

Madi Swallow

Brinley Taylor


Monday 8:15am(Ballet) 9:15am(Jazz) 

Tuesday 9:00am(Ballet) 10:00am (Technique)

Wednesday 8:00am (Ballet) 9:00am(Combo) 10:00am(mUv) 11:00am(Jazz)

Senior Company


Jocelyn Armitage

Kate Bautista

Kaila Blodgett

Brittney Cormier

Alaina Cutler

Kennedy Gardner

Kari Peavey

Autumn Larsen

Camille McCracken

Kari Peavey

Brooklyn Smith

Taylor Stewart

Penelope Wickens

Monday 8:00am(Ballet) 9:15am(Jazz)

Thursday 9:00am(Ballet) 10:00am (Jazz) 

Teen Premier


Eva Allen

Alexis Arneson

Madison Bower

Ellie Blake

Brinlee Densley

Sophie Doman

Saylor Foster

Jocelyn Frost

Rylie Jones

Ariel Marion

Mikayla Maughan

Tessa Smith

Sadie Snow


Monday 8:00am(Jazz) 9:00am (Ballet)

Tuesday 9:00am (Ballet) 10:00am(Technique) 

Wednesday 8:00am (Jazz) 9:00am (Combo) 10:00am(mUv) 11:00am(Ballet)

Teen Company


Erin Brown 

Lucy Brown

Emily Condie

Olivia Doezie

Blake Erikson

Anna Marie Farr

Sophie Hallows

Julia Hillman

Claire Jackman

Kandi James

River Johnson

Kadri Moore

Evie Rix

London Visser


Tuesday 8:00am(Jazz) 9:00am(Ballet)

Thursday 8:00am(Ballet) 9:00am (Jazz)

Teen Jazz Club


Lucy Atkinson 

Tabitha Baird

Addison Blomquist

Marissa Carson

Shelby Gainer

Gracie Jack

Cambria Jackson

Julianne Kimball

Natalie Leaning

Sienna Pace

Ruby Peterson

Hailey Stewart

Lizzy Yates

Monday 8:15am(Jazz) 

Wednesday 12:00pm(Ballet)

Preteen Premier(Purple)


Lola Belnap

Ariana Chatelain

Hailey Davis

Lilli Flemming

Sydney Katz

Kylee Keyes

Charly Stewart

Tatum Merideth

Elsa Tanner

Quinlan Wallace

Nora Xanthos 

Monday 9:15am(Jazz) 10:15am(Ballet)

Tuesday 9:00am(Technique) 10:00am (Ballet) 

Wednesday 8:00am(Combo) 9:00am(mUv) 10:00am (Jazz) 11:00am (Ballet)

Preteen Premier(Green)


Amilee Blodget

Hallie Erikson 

Kate Esplin

Daylynn Evans

Ellie Fransen

Paisley Jensen

Gwen LeRoy

Afton Mitchell 

Leah Smith

Mayzie Taylor

Kate Ward


Tuesday 8:00am(Jazz) 9:00am(Technique) 10:00am(Ballet)

Wednesday 8:00am(Combo) 9:00am(mUv) 10:00am(Ballet)

Thursday 8:00am(Ballet) 9:00am(Jazz)

Preteen Elite


Brynley Bower 

Allie Brooksby 

Niko Ericksen 

Elsie Marion 

Vivian Simpson 

Mollie Smith 

Maylee Souter

Maggie Thompson

Brynn Ward 

Bella Warr


Monday 10:15am(Jazz) 11:15am(Ballet)

Tuesday 10:00am(Jazz) 11:00am(Ballet) 12:00pm(Technique)

Wednesday 10:00am(mUv) 11:00am(Combo)

Preteen Company


Marlee Arnesen

Nora Beck

Piper Birks

Maisie Clinton

Gwen Francis

Maya Jackson

Makenzie Jensen 

Isabel Lamb

Lydia Odgen

Kambri Pearson

Tamzyn Savage

Sophie Stroud

Avery Taylor


Tuesday 12:00pm(Jazz) 1:00pm(Ballet)

Thursday 8:00am(Jazz) 9:00am(Ballet)

Junior Premier


Hannah Bennion

Aidan Griswold

Emmie Hansen

Berlynn Meldrum

Hadlee Owens

Sicily Patterson

Eva Rawlings

June Sorensen

Kesley Webecke

Brinley Young

Louella Zurcher


Monday 11:15am(Jazz) 12:15pm(Ballet)

Tuesday 11:00am(Ballet) 12:00pm(Technique)

Wednesday 9:00am(Jazz) 10:00am(mUv) 11:00am(Combo) 12:00pm(Ballet)

Junior Elite


Ruby Blair 

Ava Fransen

Olivia Hansen

Savannah Hales

Brooklyn Irving

Elsie Irving

Avery Jones

Lyndi Newcomer

Kendyll Stewart

Kenzie Stewart

Samantha White


Monday 10:15am(Ballet) 11:15 (Combo) 12:15pm(Jazz)

Thursday 10:00am(Jazz) 11:00am(mUv) 12:00pm(Ballet)



Lovely Adams

Kinley Batty

Molly Cook

Brooklyn Deelstra

Grace Edmunds

Anora Johnson

Juliet Kukahiko

Vanessa Moss

Maya Myers

Brooklyn Pace

Kate Paulson

Savannah Smith

Aly Swallow

Andi Templeman


Tuesday 8:00am(Ballet) 9:00am(Jazz)

Thursday 8:00am(Ballet) 9:00am(Jazz)

Junior Hip Hop Crew


Maggie Anderson

Lydia Barton

Lane Cerny

Jessa Cook

Lyla Ence

Ellie Greenwood

Sophie Richter 

Kennedy Shavey

Elsie Sutton

Peyton Worthington


Monday 1:15pm(Ballet)

Thursday 10:00am(Jazz)

Mini Premier


Elsie Bell

Alexa Cann 

Eloise DeMordaunt

Aniston Eastman

Brooklyn Fuller

Avery Jones

Paige Larson

Zola Lynch

Emery Mealey

Kayleigh Nelsen

Ryelle Roundy

Gigi Simpson

Liv Woodley


Monday 10:15am(Ballet) 11:15am(Combo) 12:15(Jazz)

Thursday 11:00am (mUv) 12:00pm(Jazz) 1:00pm(Ballet) 


Karen Baird 

Halle Broadbent 

Elle Clark 

Ava Esplin

Kate Larkin 

Caroline Mangum

Eloise Nelson 

Holland Pace

Charlotte Randall

Daphne Shin 

Ella Souter

Mayah Stanford

Elle Weichers



Tuesday 12:00pm(Jazz) 1:00pm(Ballet)

Thursday 8:00am(Jazz) 9:00am(Ballet)



Kate Barlow

Kaitlyn Condie

Grace Denney

Lillie Fisher

Taya Gonzales

Lilyanne Hauser

Jane Kukahiko

Adalyn Lamoreax

Bree Perdue

Lyla St. Thomas

Hailey Swenson

Zarina Taylor

London Weiss

Emily Whitt



Tuesday 10:00am(Jazz) 11:00(Ballet)

Wednesday 1:00pm(Jazz)

Petite Elite


Clare Bautista

Cambry Bergeron

Lexi Hansen

Cozette Heiner

Ayla Kohfeld 

Cosette Maughan

Kate Smith

Claire Sorensen 

Emma Wightman

Ashlyn Young


Monday 10:15am(Combo) 11:15am(Ballet) 12:15pm(Jazz) 

Thursday 10:00am(mUv) 11:00am(Ballet) 12:00pm(Jazz)

Tiny Elite


Tessa Christofferson

June Circuit 

Eliza Davis

Cora Foote 

Ayva Hodgess 

Lily Irving 

Maggie Irving

Quincey Jensen

Ella Jones 

Berkley Nelsen

Saydee Nelsen


Monday 10:15am(Combo) 11:15am(Jazz) 12:15pm(Ballet)

Thursday 10:00am(mUv) 11:00am(Jazz) 12:00pm(Ballet)

Tiny Prep


Holland Clark

Cora Colton 

Whitney Hallows

Swayzie Jackson

Georgia Kimball

Brittyn Larsen

Sloane Mauss

Eleanor Oldroyd

Gabby Ross

Chloe Shepard 

Etta Shipley

Eisley Souter

Reagan Swensen


Monday 12:15(Jazz) 1:15(Ballet)

Thursday 10:00(Combo) 11:00 (Jazz) 12:00(Ballet)

(*this team will dance 5 hours in the fall, in hopes to get them ready for an elite team next year, however that is not gauranteed)



Telly Ballstaedt

Rosie Broadbent

Sammy Denney

Gwen Edmunds

Anya Hansen

Claire Jones

Charly Mealey

Collins Nelson

Preslee Nelson

Hazel Pavia

Tatum Reschke

Audrey Weese

Kendall Williams 

Ivy Woydziak

Tuesday 8:00am(Ballet) 9:00am(Jazz)

Thursday 11:00am(Ballet) 12:00pm(Jazz)


Macee Aime 

Boston Belcher

Brynlee Cann

Hudson Jambor

Charlotte Jacobson

Reece Halverson

Lyla Horan

Sophia Joseph

Abby Kearl

Ruby Koehle 

London Larkin

Skye Nelson

Vivian Peacock

Stella Riding

Nora Ward

Lexi Wing

Tuesday 1:00pm(Jazz)

Wednesday 11:00am(Ballet)12:00pm(Jazz)


Mia Blake

Sadie Cook

Jane Deelstra

Penny DeMordaunt

Lola Kroff

Hazel Lehnhof 

Blakely Lovelady

Lizzy Mackay

Evelyn McConkie

Kate Nielsen

Lucy Price 

Flora Sargent 

Ella Tadje

Leanna Young




Tuesday 12:00pm(Ballet) 1:00pm(Jazz)

Thursday 1:00pm(Jazz)



Bliss Adams

Charli Blayden

Tori Brinkerhoff

Sophie Cauffman

Bailey Denney

McKenna Higley

Emmaline Johnson

Carly Jones 

Eliza Kearl

Gwyneth Kimball

Ellie Morse

Chloe Rivers



Tuesday 1:00pm(Jazz)

Thursday 1:00pm(Ballet)



Alli Apple

Molly Bautista

Jenna Bingham

Isla Colton

Sadie Jacobsen

Kate Jardine

Addison Joseph

Leona Kimball 

Olivia Larsen

Lennon Love 

Addie Tuttle

Ruby Tuttle 

Jane Telles


Tuesday 12:00pm(Ballet)

Thursday 1:00pm(Jazz)



Halle Biolo 

Avery Jill Bolz 

Norah Bybee

Willa Jane Deaton

Rosie Ence 

Indigo Hunt

Dylan Jackson

Ella Jensen

Hannah Kearl

Lily Koehle

Norah Murphy 

Lucy Nelson

Charlotte Nielsen

Sadie Owens

Aubrey Williams 


Tuesday 8:00am(Jazz) 

Wednesday 1:00pm (Ballet)