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Thank you for auditioning at Hi-Light Dance Academy. We are overwhelmed and humbled by the amount of support and interest we had at auditions last week. Because of this, Hi-Light Dance Academy can no longer place all students that audition for a company . We hope that you can understand. There are several areas that are taken into consideration when placing students on specific companies:

  • Talent/skill level/technique

  • Flexibility

  • Performance

  • Attendance

  • Work ethic/attitude

  • Commitment throughout the year


    All dancers placed on a crew/company will be challenged!! The progress of each student will depend on their own work ethic and mind set. Please be positive and encouraging with your student if they are disappointed with their placement. The Company directors, along with a panel of judges, have spent many hours on each individual student taking time for call-backs and watching videos of these dancers to make sure each student's ability is valued, and that they are placed on the appropriate teams. If in the summer session we feel that your dancer should be moved to a different team to match her ability, we will contact you! We are aware that some of your company names stayed the same... this does not mean that your dancer did not move up or improve. The team names fluctuate age groups/level year to year depending on how many dancers we have. 

NEW THIS YEAR: Our upper age crew teams will have guest choreographers for competition routines and will be learned outside of regular dance time (potentially in August). Choreography fees will apply. Those same teams will have the opportunity to compete two routines. We are also doing our best to work in an additional technique class to our fall schedule for our crew dancers. Adding this extra class will help dancers improve quicker. 


If you have any questions, please contact or

We are excited for another amazing year at Hi-Light! We appreciate your support!

*Summer Classes will begin June 3th-27th

*Please bring your signed company contract on your first day of summer class

*No Dance in July or August

Congratulations to our 2024-25 Crew Dancers!!


Senior Crew

Blythe Boyer

Daisy College

Olivia Doezie

Anna Marie Farr

Paige Hanson

Abby Jenkins

Nora Kennedy

Lillie McDaniel

Eisley McGinty

Kadri Moore

Afton Nielsen

Lydia Ogden

Brooklyn Pace


Summer Schedule:


Monday 10:15-11:15 Ballet

11:15-12:15 Jazz Tech

Wednesday 9:15-10:15 Combo

10:15-11:15 Ballet

Teen Crew

Addison Barrus

Paige Burgon

Eliza Clawson

Grace Denney

Anora Johnson

Georgia Kimball

Jane Kukahiko

Caroline Mangum

Holland Pace

Ellery Squires

Daphne Shin

Mayah Stanford

Bentley Turner

Sophia Zylstra

Emily Whitt

Summer Schedule:

Monday 8:15-9:15 Ballet

9:15-10:15 Jazz Tech

Wednesday 8:15-9:15 Ballet

9:15-10:15 Combo

Hip Hop Crew

Macee Aime

Holland Bird

Boston Belcher

Kaitlyn Daniels

Sammy Denny

Taya Gonzalez

Reese Halverson

Lilyanne Hauser

Lyla Horan

Charlotte Jacobsen

Sophia Joseph

Adalyn Lamoreaux

Presley Nelson

Claire Teuschor

Avonlea Teuer

Ivy Woydziak

Summer Schedule:

Tuesday 11:15-12:15 Hip Hop

12:15-1:15 Ballet

Wednesday 8:15-9:15 Jazz Tech

9:15-10:15 Combo

Preteen Crew

Elyn Allred

Rosie Broadbent

June Circuit

Ella Hansen

Claire Jones

London Larkin

Brittyn Larson

Sloane Mauss

Charly Mealey

Paisley Nance

Lacey Nance

Skye Nelson

Kamryn Nielsen

Skyler Nilson

Hazel Payne

Hazel Pavia

Chloe Shepherd

Zlata Smykovska

Charlize Weeks

Ava Weight

Summer Schedule:

Mondav 10:15-11:15 Jazz Tech

11:15-12:15 Ballet

Wednesday 10:15-11:15 Combo

11:15-12:15 Ballet

Firelight Crew

Elizabeth Ashton

Remi Bolen

Audrey Frame

Aimeline Griswold

Anya Hansen

Quinn Harmon

Vivian Hendrickson

Mykenna Higley

Sydney Hogge

Addison Joseph

Olivia Larsen

Blakely Lovelady

Piper Miller

Ellie Morse

Collins Nelson

Charlotte Poll

Lucy Price

Etta Shipley

Ella Tadie

Kendall Williams


Summer Schedule:

Monday 8:15-9:15 Jazz Tech

9:15-10:15 Ballet

Wednesday 9:15-10:15 Ballet

10:15-11:15 Combo

Hotlight Crew

Alli Apple

Kate Bayles

Molly Bautista

Olivia Bills

Halle Biolo

London Brown

Alexa Christiansen

Lily Grace Day

Lily Hansen

Rose Huntsman

Scarlett Locke

Addison Meier

Ellie Melville

Ava Meyer

Arie Pritchett

Ryan Ray

Eleanor Roberts

Alice Towner

Sloane Weeks

Summer Schedule:

Tuesday 8:15-9:15 Ballet

9:15-10:15 Jazz Tech

Thursday 8:15-9:15 Ballet

9:15-10:15 Combo

Sunlight Crew

Oceanna Benson

Ava Bingham

Jenna Bingham

Jane Collette

Olive Cluff

Bailey Denney

Eiley Evans

Kate Jardine

Eliza Kearl

Hannah Kearl

Leona Kimball

Evelyn Larsen

Olivia Meier

Lucy Nelson

Kaya Pace

Jane Telles

Adeline Tuttle

Ruby Tuttle

Summer Schedule:

Tuesday 11:15-12:15 Ballet

12:15-1:15 Jazz Tech

Thursday 8:15-9:15 Ballet

9:15-10:15 Combo

Spotlight Crew

Sienna Bledsoe

Lou Bolen

Brinley Cormier

Rosie Ence

Meg Greenwood

Holland Hilton

Reese Kammeyer

Alma Larsen

Harper Larsen

Rory Mead

Charlotte Meyers

Molly Mickelson

Maren Nielson

Brynlee Pace

Mabel Reeves

Paper Tall

Coco Weeks


Summer Schedule:

Tuesday 10:15-11:15 Jazz Tech

11:15-12:15 Ballet

Thursday 9:15-10:15 Combo

10:15-11:15 Ballet

Starlight Crew

Gwen Bills

Lyla Cook

Elsie Christianson

Tilly Christianson

June Dahlberg

Amelia Davis

Vivienne Gheciu

Mila Hunt

Poppy Lynch

Ruby McConkie

Holland McCormick

Norah Nelsen

Lola Ozuna

Remi Owens

Willow Raymond

Nova Schwarz

Sadie Taylor

Kayla Williams

Summer Schedule:

Tuesday 11:15-12:15 Jazz Tech

12:15-1:15 Ballet

Thursday 10:15-11:15 Combo

11:15-12:15 Ballet

Twilight Crew

Ava Apple

Isla Barclay

Finley Call

Hazel Davis

Lucy Dallimoore

Scarlett Griffith

Hazel Hunsaker

Miriam Lawrence

Violet Lee

Oakley McArthur

Adalyn McDaniel

Indie Morton

Rylee Nilson

Elise Wright

Summer Schedule:

Tuesday 10:15-11:15 Jazz Tech

Thursday 9:15-10:15 Ballet

10:15-11:15 Combo (optional)

Twinklelight Crew

Paisley Anderson

Mae Ballam

Isla Brown

Isabel Cristison

Lettie Holmoe

Harper Jones

Goldie Knight

Elle Miller

Indy Munday

Olivia Nielsen

Lucy Phillips

Amelia Steele

Ava Teuscher

Sylvie Traveller

Summer Schedule:

Tuesday 8:15-9:15 Jazz Tech

Thursday 11:15-12:15 Ballet

Thursday 10:15-11:15 Combo (optional)

Spark Crew

Kailia Binning

Jane Corry

Nora Hallman

Emmaline Hightower

Haven Johnson

Cora Jordon

Remi Nelsen

Remi Pearson

Edie Sargent

Edie Shin

Stevie Smith

Liv Towner

Eleanor Walton

Reese Wightman

Summer Schedule:

Tuesday 9:15-10:15 Jazz Tech

Thursday 11:15-12:15 Ballet

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