Upcoming Dates

June 6th: Summer Dance Begins

June 30th: Last Day of Summer Dance

August 1-4th: Summer Intensive 

August 8-11th: Summer Intensive


September 5th: First day of Fall Dance 

Thank you for auditioning at Hi-Light Dance Academy. We are overwhelmed and humbled by the amount of support and interest we had at auditions last week. Because of this, Hi-Light Dance no longer can place all students that audition on company. We hope that you can understand. There are several areas that are taken into consideration when placing students on specific companies: 


  • Talent/skill level/technique 

  • Flexibility

  • Performance

  • Attendance 

  • Work ethic/attitude 

  • Commitment throughout the year. 

  • Parent participation


Companies are not based on:


  • Friends

  • Carpools

  • Conflicting schedules

  • Politics 


All Dancers placed will be challenged!!  The progress of each student will depend on their own work ethic and mind set.  Please be positive and encouraging with your student if they are disappointed with their placement.  

The company directors, along with a panel of judges, have spent many hours on each individual student. Taking time for call-backs and watching videos of these dancers to make sure each students ability is valued, and that they are placed on the appropriate teams.  Prior students were also evaluated on work ethic and attendance from this past year.

We hope that those that were not placed on a company will consider one or two of our recreation classes and/or optional classes that are offered throughout the year. 

Please understand that the level of dance skill increases with the number of dedicated hours spent in dance. It is very difficult to be placed on a company team after the age of 10 if dance hours have only been 1 or 2 hours a week.  If you have any questions please contact.  autumn.nelsen@gmail.com or abbey.halsey@gmail.com 


We are excited for another amazing year at Hi-Light! We appreciate your support! 


Summer Classes will begin June 6-30th No Dance in July.

Due to conflicting choreography schedules in August we will be doing  2 intensives.  Aug. 1-4th and/or August 8-11th   

All company dancers must attend at least one week of intensive.

Fall Classes will begin Sept. 6th-May 30th. 

Summer Tuition:          

                2 hours    95.00

                3 hours    130.00

                4 hours     155.00

                5 hours    180.00

                6 hours    200.00

                7 hours    220.00      

* Tuition is due by June 10th


Kamille Anderson

Tabitha Baird

Addison Blomquist

Brittney Cormier

Alaina Cutler

Olivia Doezie

Claire Jackman

Autumn Larsen

Anna Marie Farr

Kamryn Meyer

Kadri Moore

Ruby Peterson

Evie Rix

London Visser

TUESDAY 11:00am(Technique) 12:00pm(Technique)

THURSDAY 11:00am(Technique) 12:00pm(Ballet)


Marlee Arnesen

Lovely Adams

Kinley Batty

Maisie Clinton

Brooklyn Deelstra

Grace Edmunds

Gwen Francis

Mckenzie Jensen

Anora Johnson

Vanessa Moss

Lydia Odgen

Brooklyn Pace

kambri Pearson

Tamzyn Savage

Sophie Stroud

Aly Swallow

TUESDAY 8:00am(Technique) 9:00am(Ballet)

THURSDAY 8:00am(Ballet) 9:00am(Technique)


Maggie Anderson

Lucy Atkinson

Lydia Barton

Lyla Ence

Ellie Fredric

Brooklyn Jaster 

Natalie Leaning

Sienna Pace

Peyton Radch

Maycee Reesor 

Kennedy Schavey

Payton Worthington


TUESDAY 8:00am(Technique)

WEDNESDAY 11:00am(Ballet)


Karen Baird

Reece Halverson

Georgia Kimball

Jane Kukahiko

Savi Langford 

Kate Larkin

Elle Overman

Holland Pace

Ella Patterson

Daphne Shin

Eisley Souter

Mayah Stanford

TUESDSAY 10:00am(Technique) 11:00am(Ballet)

THURSDAY 9:00am(Technique) 10:00am(Ballet)


Boston Belcher

Grace Denney

Taya Gonzalez

Lilyanne Hauser

Lyla Horan

Charlotte Jacobsen

Sophia Joseph

Adalyn Lamoreax

Vivian Peacock

Julia Simpson

Lexi Wing

Emily Whitt

Sloane Woodley

Ivy Woydziak

Sophia Zylstra

TUESDAY 8:00am(Ballet) 9:00am(Technique)

THURSDAY 8:00am(Ballet) 9:00am(Technique)



Peyton Adams 

Ruby Barrett 

Madison Baumann

Brinley Cormier

Kaitlyn Daniels 

Stella Franco

Neah Neilson

Berkley Perry

Stella Riding

Chloe Rivers

Joslyn Shipley

WEDNESDAY 12:00pm(Ballet)

THURSDAY 12:00pm(Technique)



Holland Clark

Cora Colton

Anya Hansen

Claire Jones

Lola Kroff

London Larkin

Brittyn Larsen

Sloane Mauss 

Collins Nelson

Eleanor Oldroyd

Hazel Pavia

Gabby Ross

Chloe Shepard

Etta Shipley

Zlata Smykouska

Reagan Swensen

TUESDAY 8:00am(Ballet) 9:00am(Technique)

THURSDAY 8:00am(Technique) 9:00am(Ballet)



Macee Aime

Brynlee Cann

Sammy Denney

Gwen Edmunds

Ruby Koehle

Charly Mealey

Preslee Nelson

Skye Nelson

Adie Towner

Bree Towner

Charlize Weeks

Ava Weight

Kendall Williams

TUESDAY 10:00am(Technique) 11:00am(Ballet)

THURSDAY 10:00am(Technique) 11:00am(Ballet)


Ella Abarca 

Charli Blayden

Rosie Broadbent

Sophie Cauffman

Jane Deelstra

Emmaline Johnson

Addison Joseph

Lennon Love 

Blakeley lovelady

Evelyn McConkie

Kate Nielsen

Lucy Price 

Avery Spencer

Ella Tadje

Jane Telles

Elizabeth Wright

TUESDAY 8:00am(Ballet) 9:00am(Technique)

THURSDAY 10:00am(Technique) 11:00am(Ballet)


Bliss Adams

Tori Brinkerhoff

Charlotte Collings

Ivy Cook

Alex Chenina 

Bailey Denny

McKenna Higley

Kate Jardine

Leona Kimball

Olivia Larsen

Ellie Morse

Charlotte Poll

Alice Towner

Brooklyn Towner

Mckinley Wilson

TUESDAY 10:00am(Technique) 11:00am(Ballet)

THURSDAY 12:00pm(Ballet)



Alli Apple

Molly Bautista

Norah Bybee

Myra Chen

Claire Fowler 

Ella Jensen

Monroe Maddux

Nora Mealey

Norah Murphy

Charlotte Nielsen

Sadie Owens

Hannah Ward

Aubrey Williams

Drew Woodley

TUESDAY 10:00am(Ballet) 11:00am(Technique)

THURSDAY 8:00am(Technique) 9:00am(Ballet)



Kate Bayles

Jenna Bingham

Halle Biolo

London Brown

AJ Bolz

Isla Colton 

Rose Hunstman

Kate Jardine

Sadie Jacobsen

Alma Larsen

Ava Meyer

Lucy Nelson

Billie Nielson

Annabelle Sorenson

Addie Tuttle

Ruby Tuttle

TUESDAY 9:00am(Technique) 10:00am(Ballet)


Olivia Bills

Raylee Biolo

Bryley Dayley

Ella Egan

Mila Hunt

Tatum Mathews

Ellie Melville

Molly Mickelsen

Mara Neal

Grace Nelson

Maren Nielsen 

Hazel Poll

Eleanor Roberts

Rowyan Stephen

Stella Willardson

THURSDAY 10:00am(Technique) 11:00am(Ballet)


Ava Apple

Andi Baugh

Navie Bengtzen 

Sienna Bledsoe

Juliet Chambers

Lyla Cook

Hinkley Fowler 

Quinn Hightower 

Vivian Kimball

Navie Nelsen 

Aurelia Peacock

Bo St. Peirre

Betty Wirig 

Blakey Wirig 

Natalie Young 

THURSDAY 10:00am(Ballet) 11:00am(Technique)


Audition Results: "Light" company